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5 Best Free Games To Earn Crypto (Fun to Play Too!)

Play-to-earn games are prevalent in the cryptocurrency gaming industry. Players of play-to-earn games receive rewards for completing certain tasks, such as winning a stake or competing in a tournament. To win cryptocurrency by playing these games, you must follow the on-screen instructions, and you will be in the running. There are several free games available where one may earn cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, most crypto enthusiasts and game players are oblivious to this fact. Therefore, read this article to the end to get a list of the best free games to earn cryptocurrency.

Thetan Athena 

Thetan Arena is a game that allows users to earn crypto while playing for free. You are given three free characters to use as you progress through the game to collect the local token known as Thetan Coin (THC). These are necessary to acquire to unlock the more powerful characters, any of which may also be purchased directly from the store.

These advanced characters are the real deal of the game. These heroes can evolve, be traded as non-faction tokens, and participate in special events.

The in-game economy is supported by a utility and governance token called THG, which stands for “Thetan Gem.” In addition, the THG token can be staked for the opportunity to earn rewards.

Additionally, renting premium characters or sharing rewards is encouraged inside the game to open up additional active earning opportunities within the gameplay.

This game can turn your THC into fiat dollars using the cryptocurrency exchange option. 

Battle Infinity 

The developers of this new play-to-earn game – Battle Infinity, want to create a platform that provides players with many amazing benefits by merging gaming elements and the virtual world. Six different platforms are available to players, one of which is the IBAT Premier League, which has a fantasy sports game connected with the Metaverse.

To participate in matches and leagues, players must first purchase an NFT pass. This can be done by purchasing the platform’s native token, which is known as IBAT. Battle Swap is a marketplace that enables users to trade NFT converts rewards into other assets. You can even use this marketplace to purchase the coin as well.

Battle Staking allows players to compete against one another for the greatest rewards. At the same time, Battle Market assigns a monetary value to items and characters that would not normally be considered valuable in the traditional game industry.

Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is, without a doubt, one of the best play-to-earn crypto games out there. To put it more succinctly, Lucky Block is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency game platform housed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It provides its players with the opportunity to win a jackpot daily. These jackpots are paid out in LBLOCK, the native token of Lucky Block, allowing prizes to be distributed more quickly.

At the beginning of this year, LBLOCK began trading on decentralized exchanges, and a 12% tax was placed on all token sales, with the proceeds going directly into Lucky Block’s reward pool. As a result, the total value of the prizes up for grabs now exceeds $2.2 million, and the first prize draw is scheduled to take place in the middle of May 2022. The Chainlink VRF service will conduct a random drawing to select each winner, ensuring that Lucky Block complies with the laid-out regulation.


It would be remiss if Pegaxy weren’t on this list. In Pegaxy, you can buy or rent a pega to compete in the races, with the best three finishers receiving awards in the game’s virtual currency, VIS.

However, as of right now, you have very little influence over how the race plays out.

Your responsibilities as a Pega owner are limited to ensuring that all the track pieces are in place, picking the suitable Pega, and selecting the necessary gear. In contrast to other types of games, this one is completely uncontrolled by humans and based entirely on chance.

You can purchase Pegas with USDT through the Pegaxy marketplace, where they are also accessible.

In addition, there is the possibility of breeding Pegas to produce smaller Pegas. When the appropriate time comes, these children will be ready to breed or compete, as determined by their bloodline.

In addition, you can combine two Pegas into one to increase the amount of VIS awards you receive. However, you will lose VIS and PGX due to breeding and fusion (governance token).

Earnings can be supported by competing in races, selling Pegas, or renting them out. In addition, improved gaming controls that will make the competition dependent on the participant’s competence are now being developed.

The Sandbox 

Innovative people should play one of the top play-to-earn blockchain games, the Sandbox. The Sandbox was designed to be an open-world game powered by Ethereum. Since then, the game has transitioned to Polygon’s layer 2, specifically to lower its carbon footprint and taxes while also increasing its speed.

In the social center, you can create games, build your universe, and organize adventures for other users. Everything acquired can subsequently be sold for a profit. For instance, you might develop your own miniature game and charge other people to play it.

The resource that is worth the most in The Sandbox is LAND. Each piece of LAND is an NFT representing ownership of a digital plot of land. Additionally, players can create their one-of-a-kind locales. As a result, you will be able to rent your LAND to other people.


If you wish to play-to-earn, the games listed above are the best free games to earn in crypto. With these games, there’s no limit to what you can earn from completing tasks and winning tournaments. Join the moving train!

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