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Audius Review – Legit or Scam? (Plus How it Works)

A Music discovery platform known as “Audius” has partnered with TikTok and gained support from well-known figures. Audius Token is a token rapidly developing in the crypto market nowadays.

In this post, we’ll examine the blockchain, Audius but first, let’s know what Audius is all about.

What Is Audius?

Audius is a blockchain-based music streaming service that is revolutionizing the music business. By building one of the most advanced music platforms available, Audius is revolutionizing how artists and fans interact. Audius is fueled by the native Audius token (AUDIO).

The platform also intends to give artists control over music distribution and revenue, resolving long-standing concerns about how they are paid on competing for music streaming services.

There are numerous choices for finding music in today’s music streaming scene. Artists can release music on one of the several streaming sites, license their music for use in video games, or sell albums on streaming services. Each of these possibilities has advantages, but are they the best for the artist? Audius wishes to provide artists with greater control over their income and releases.

What are the main characteristics of Audius?

People can use the Audius App to find and follow musicians. They also allow artists to generate cash from the content they make available to their followers. As a technology startup, its objective is to build a secure, transparent, and censorship-resistant decentralized music platform. The platform accomplishes this by utilizing blockchain technology, making it more credible and stable.

The company’s mission is to reshape the music industry by restoring artists’ control over their rights and services. They think that blockchain technology will disrupt digital content distribution, freeing artists from the centralized economic paradigms that have governed music distribution for decades.

What distinguishes Audius from other music platforms?

The software tracks information using the blockchain to create user profiles and track things like payments for music streaming, listening data, and other metrics.

The platform is decentralized, and the Ethereum network serves as its hosting infrastructure. Through decentralization, this music network transforms how individuals listen to music.

Additionally, artists can upload their music to Audius and designate the percentage of royalties that will go to the donors. Peer-to-peer music distribution is made simple for people using the Audius platform. Users don’t need to use an outside payment service to send and receive payments to artists and labels.

Audius inspires artists by eliminating the traditional record company as a middleman. One element of the company’s comprehensive future strategy is the development of Audius. They hope to create and release their music using this blockchain-based platform, much like the major record labels. Audius wants to alter how people access and enjoy music permanently.

Is Audius Legit Or Scam?

Since the end of October, the network has averaged thirty thousand to fifty thousand active visitors per day, based on the Audius block explorer, which is a respectable number in the rapidly developing Web 3.0 industry. 

The high number of bitcoin scams has caused many traders to trade out of fear, and the majority have also quit.

Research indicates that Audius is not a fake coin. It has been listed on numerous well-known cryptocurrency wallets, including Blockchain, Binance, and many others.


Audius is a music-distribution platform powered by Ethereum that targets well-known firms like SoundCloud and Spotify. The platform’s developers believe that by making the deal for musicians more appealing, Audius will be able to attract large users.

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