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Blasting News Review: Legit Or Scam? (Plus How it Works)

Want to earn some cool cash from writing simple tasks? Here’s a glorious opportunity to monetize your writing skill. This article will review everything you need to know about Blasting News and how to earn massively from this website. 

What’s Blasting News?

Blasting News is a website that allows you to earn from creating news articles. So, to earn on Blasting News, you need to monetize your writing skills by drafting news articles.

How Do You Get Paid On Blasting News?

After your article has been published on Blasting News, you may expect to get payment around one month later. Since waiting one month is quite a long time to get paid, patience is required.

You also need to bear in mind that to get paid for your content, it needs to have a minimum of 150 unique visitors every day for you to be eligible. If you successfully meet this condition, you will be paid a certain sum proportional to the number of viewers your content received.

When your payment is processed, you’ll be credited via your account on Blasting News. After that, you can submit a request to withdraw your earnings through PayPal once you have accumulated at least 50 dollars (or 50 euros if you are located in Europe).

If you made the withdrawal request within the first 3 days of the month, the amount would be deposited into your account on the 15th. If not, the money will be delivered to you on the 15th of the following month.

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Can You Use Blasting News On a Mobile Phone? 

For now, you can’t. Given the nature of tasks you’d have to do and how the platform operates, developing a mobile version isn’t ideal – which is justifiable. The website is not optimized for use on mobile devices. You do not need to zoom in to have an easy time reading the articles in the news.

Articles can only be written on a computer, either a laptop or a desktop. It is just impossible to do this task using a mobile device. In light of this, I don’t believe they must develop a mobile application.

Can You Get Support?

In your dashboard, there’s a link to a video on how to write and submit your articles. I’d recommend you check it out first to understand how to earn on this platform.

However, you must contact their customer care service if you have inquiries regarding the website or your account.

You can submit your question through that window, and if a person is currently online, they will respond to your message as soon as possible. Usually, a customer service professional will be available online during normal business hours.


If you are looking for a legitimate place to get paid for your writing skills, go no further than Blasting News. It has several useful resources, but you should also be aware of its limitations.

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