Boston University Scholarship 2023/2024 to Study in USA –

Boston University Scholarship

Do you have a dream of studying abroad, especially in the United State, but don’t have money to fund your education? Don’t worry, we have a  solution to your financial challenges. And the solution lies with the Boston University scholarship for international students.

There are three different kinds of Boston University scholarships:

  • The Trustees Scholarship
  • The Merit Scholarship
  • The presidential Scholarship


The above-mentioned scholarships are available for international students to apply for and have the luxury of studying at the prestigious University of Boston.

 First-year international students are eligible to apply for the trustee scholarship, presidential scholarship, and Alumni and friends.

Having given that hint on the scholarship, let us now narrow down to what we the scholarship will entail. 

In this scholarship, we are going to discuss all the important details that all applicants will need to have in order to successfully register and apply for the scholarship. They include but are not limited to the requirements criteria, the documents/ credentials needed for the scholarship application, the scholarship deadline, and the worth or value of the scholarship. 

About Boston University

Boston University is one of the best universities in the world, which was founded in 1839 by Methodists. It is a private research-based university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university has a long-standing history and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Its main or original campus was situated in Newbury, Vermont, but much later in the year, it was moved to Boston in 1867. It is described as a nonsectarian university.

About the Scholarship

This is an award offered to a student for hard work and excellent performance in academics, that is why the scholarship is better known as the merit scholarship—the scholarship is offered based on merit. Students with good academic records are invited to apply for the scholarship in the United Kingdom for a full tuition fee waiver.

Boston University scholarships help high-achieving students live their career dreams. There are three different types of Boston University scholarships that international students can apply for, but only two are eligible. The three Boston University Scholarships are the presidential scholarship, the merit scholarship, and the trustee scholarship award.

Scholarship Awards/Benefits

in this section. we are going to look at the awards that will be given to those that will successfully get the scholarship award.

All the successful applicants of the Boston University Scholarship will receive the following awards or benefits:

All beneficiaries will be given the sum of $10,000 every year.

This is going to serve as a full cost of attendance

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship?

  • All US citizens 
  • Must have permanent US resident
  • Eligible non-citizens
  • International students are eligible for presidential and trustees scholarship

Eligibility Criteria 

In this section, we are going to look at all the eligibility criteria that all applicants have to meet.tFor applicants to be considered for the Boston University scholarship, they have to meet the following eligibility criteria of the school. The criteria are as follows:

  • Applicants must be students who are ranked in the top 5% of their high school classes
  • Their extracurricular achievements in their schools and communities are very incredible.
  • Have 1500 and above SAT scores and 33 and above ACT scores 
  • Must be U.S. citizens, 
  •  Must be a permanent residents
  • Have to be eligible non-citizens to be considered for all merit awards

Credentials Required for Boston University Scholarship

You need to present the credentials below:

  • Common Application
  • Secondary School Records
  • Senior Year Grades
  • Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • English Proficiency Testing Results
  • Documentation of Financial Support
  • Copy of Data Page of Passport
  • Standardized Tests 

Boston University Scholarship Application Procedures

This section will help us to know the procedures to follow in the course of the application. Before applying for the scholarship, all applicants have to, first of all, enroll in a full-time undergraduate degree program at Boston University. To apply for the Boston University scholarship, applicants have to follow the steps outlined here below: 

  • Submit the Common or Coalition Application undergraduate degree programs
  • If it is the trustee scholarship, you are applying for, complete the Trustee Scholarship essay on the Common or Coalition 
  • The Application will serve as part of your application to Boston University
  • Moreso, ensure that you also submit all the materials required for admission.

Documents Required for the Boston University Scholarship Application

To complete your application, you need these:

  • A copy of your high school transcript
  • Test scores of your SATs and ACTs college entrance examinations, and dates
  • Lists of family activities and responsibilities
  • Parent/Legal guardian information
  • Academic honors and achievements
  • Letters of recommendation.

Create an account

  • Create your account
  • choose your student type
  • Create new login credentials.
  • Complete your registration information
  • Select “Create account” and you’re done

Submitting Your Application

The submission of your application will take a three-step process:

  •  Reviewing your application.
  •  Paying the application fee
  •  Submitting your application.

Visit the Boston University official website at for more information about the scholarship.

Application Deadline

The application for the scholarship is going to close by December 1st (annually) Because of this, every interested applicant is expected to ensure that their application is done on or before the deadline.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that the article was of help to your academic pursuits. I hope the article was helpful to you. Because all the details have been outlined for you. They include but are not limited to the requirements criteria, the documents/ credentials needed for the scholarship application, the scholarship deadline, and the worth or value of the scholarship. For more information about the scholarship, drop us a message in the comment box.