British Chevening Scholarship 2023/2024 and How to Apply

British Chevening Scholarship

British Chevening Scholarship  – Master’s students now have the opportunity to study abroad with the help of the British Chevening scholarship.

Most importantly, this scholarship is available for citizens of Chevening-eligible countries or territories.

Fortunately, this scholarship opportunity is fully funded. It covers your tuition fees throughout the educational period.

So if you are among applicants or candidates seeking to study or apply for the scholarship and you do not know the right way to go about it or you are seeking basic information about it then you are in the right space.


The Chevening scholarship is an opportunity given to international students by the UK government. It aims to nurture and build confidence in ideas and develop these ideas.

That is to say that you must show great potential with a conviction of academic excellence to prove that you will utilize this scholarship well.

In this article, we will be talking more about the British Chevening scholarship for the 2023/2024 session and how to apply.

We will also tell you about the basic requirements, the application deadline, and other important information you need to know.

Overview of the British Chevening Scholarship 2023/2024 and How to Apply

Target Degree: master’s degree

Deadline: official deadline is November 1st. The application for the 2023/2024 session is currently closed.

Application for the 2024/2025 session will officially be opened on August 2023

Study in: UK

course starts: September/October

This is a scholarship that is fully funded by the foreign commonwealth and the development officer and partner organization.

It is a one-year scholarship program for a master’s degree course. After the courses, you will be opportune to join over 50,000 alumni globally

This scholarship is open to 1500+ students from the different Chevening eligible country

Host Institutions:

Universities in the United Kingdom

Fields of study:

You are eligible to apply for any three master Chevening eligible courses. Making a choice of courses can be three different courses in the same university or you can choose three related courses in three different universities.

Do not forget that while making your choice of courses it should be courses that reflect your career goals

Chevening Eligible Courses

The Chevening eligible are courses that have the following criteria

  1. Full-time program
  2. Based in the UK and available in UK universities
  3. Starting in September and October (autumn term)
  4. Taught in master (it should not be researched focused MRes programs)
  5. Programs that will lead to a master’s qualification

Not required courses criteria include;

  1. Part-time courses
  2. Ph.D. or DPhil
  3. Not u to the nine-month duration
  4. Involves distance learning

Target group:

Citizens of Chevening eligible country or territory

Scholarship value/Incursions

The Chevening scholarship covers your tuition fees, it gives you your monthly stipends, it covers your transport cost in and of the UK, your arrival allowance, and your departure allowance.

It also covers your visa application (a single visa application, a travel grant to be attending Chevening event throughout your study period in the UK)

For MBA programs they are required to pay a cap fee. The cap fee is an additional cost which is over £22,000.

Requirements for the British Chevening Scholarship 2023/2024

The scholarship involves educational documents, references, etc. These documents vary in the courses chosen and the department or faculty one is running its master’s program.

The documents required might also differ in the university or institution of choice. Generally, these requirements include

  1. Be a citizen of the Chevening eligible country.
  2. Be ready to go back to your country of citizenship for a period of at least two years after your award has finished
  3. Have successfully completed your undergraduate degree and have met the Chevening scholarship requirement for a master’s degree as at the time of application
  4. Basically, this requirement is equivalent to a second-class upper 2:1 honor degree in the United Kingdom. This is dependent on the course and university of interest
  5. Should or have had not less than two(2) years of work experience (this is equivalent to 2,800 hours)
  6. Must have applied to three different eligible UK university programs or courses and granted unconditional offer of admission from one of them before July 2023

Application Guidelines for the British Chevening Scholarship

  1. This scholarship application is being submitted through the online application system (OAS).
  2. It is really advisable to use the google chrome web browser. And also you are requested to use a PC or laptop instead of a tablet or mobile phone.
  3. To log in or have cases to the online application system you can click
  4. Chevening advises that you use a full-sized window and not use your browser’s back and forward buttons.
  5. When creating a password and username be careful because you will be requested to input them whenever you wish to log in to the system
  6. Fill in accurate and detailed information, also be careful to input a valid email address. Again do well to update your details in cases where there are any changes so you can be getting important updates and information
  7. The application is lengthy and demands patience when filling it out. It might take a bit of time always prepare your responses offline and then paste them when you’re online. It is important to delete the question to avoid duplication especially if you are using a public computer.
  8. All application questions have word counts. There are a set of questions you will be requested to answer and the minimum word count needed is 100 per answer and a maximum of five hundred (500).
  9. Any answer given less than 100 words will not be considered. Also, you are requested to save as you respond. Also note that each session closes after 60 minutes even when you’re still editing it.
  10. It is not compulsory to complete one form in one session. You can always log out and come back to finish the application. You can always log in with your username or through the link sent to your mail.
  11. Endeavor to check your answers carefully to avoid plagiarism. Any answer that is plagiarized will not make it after the reading committee checking.
  12. All applications are to be filled and submitted in English format. Any other language is not accepted.
  13. All files uploaded should be in JPG/PNG/PDF and not larger than 5MB. Also, your file names should not be more than 50 characters.
  14. All applications submitted cannot be reviewed or re-edited by the applicants. To this end, you are requested to submit only when you are done. Also, confirm accuracy before submission
  15. Lastly, note that you can only submit one application. In case of two applications are submitted only the first application submitted will be accepted. In case of withdrawal, you will be requested to give reasons for withdrawal. Also note that once you withdraw you cannot strata note application till the next application year.