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Chingari Review – Do They Pay?

Welcome to as we introduce you to a worthy Tiktok alternative, Chingari!

Want to make some cool cash from just creating and sharing videos? Chingari is the way to go.

Chingari is quite new to the entertainment industry but has amassed as many as 50 million downloads. Given the number of apps that promise to pay their creators, it’s challenging to know which pays and which does not.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll closely examine the Chingari review, if it pays, and how to earn massively from the Chingari app. 

What’s Chingari App? 

Chingari is an app that allows users to create, edit and share videos. With Chingari, you can dance, lip sync, or even add visual effects to your videos. It’s a great app that allows you to monetize your talents by creating videos. 

Is Chingari App Legit? 

Absolutely! Chingari is legit and it pays. It pays for your content.

Since Tik Tok has been banned in several countries, Chingari is the best alternative to make some cool cash from things you love doing. So, what else are you waiting for? Let’s quickly show you how you can start earning from Chingari and how it works.

How To Earn From Chingari 

One of the criteria that makes Chingari the easiest to make some easy cash is that there are too many ways you can earn on the app. This means that you’re not limited to doing just one task; that’ll be too tiring and not convenient. For each of your videos, you get rewarded with a GARI token which you can seamlessly convert to real cash. Here are some ways you can earn on the Chingari app:

Using Game Zone

The Chingari app allows you to make money by playing interactive games. You’ll see a dedicated Game Zone on the screen of the app. With that, you can access a variety of games within the app, each of which has the opportunity to award you with points.

You would also have the option of playing the Chingari Quiz, which would reward you directly. It rewards you with points that can be redeemed for real money. In the Chingari app, one rupee is equivalent to 250 points.

After completing the signup process, you will receive 500 points. After accumulating 5,000 points in the rewards section of your account, the opportunity to redeem those points will become available. This means that 5,000 is the minimum threshold for withdrawal. 


You can also earn points by referring people to the game. With the Chingari app, you can earn money by inviting your friends to use this platform. All you need to do is send your friend your referral link (which has your referral code). Once they sign up, they’ve rewarded 650 points, earning you 150 points. 


You must create videos exclusively for your sponsors, just like YouTube requires. More simply, you need to advertise products and services with your videos. Create consistently interesting videos, and put your attention toward growing your following. When you have a sufficient number of followers, you may start contacting brands about doing promotions for them.


Chingari pays massively — no wonder, given that it’s new, it already packs about 50 million users. Download Chingari today and cash out easily with the rest of the users! 

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