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Clickworker Review – Legit Or Scam? – Find Out!

Yet on another episode of platforms that pay you for completing tasks; you might as well want to check Clickworker. Let’s quickly run through all you need to know about Clickworker and how you can earn from this amazing opportunity.

On Clickworker, you can register as a worker or an employer but for the sake of this article, we’ll lay emphasis, particularly on how you can earn money from this platform. Enjoy!

What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a platform that pays you for completing microtasks. The amazing thing about this platform is that you can earn majorly in two ways; by completing micro tasks and taking paid surveys. Clickworker has been around the internet for some time and sure, has gathered a prominent number of users.

How To Earn On Clickworker?

One good thing about this platform is that you can earn in two major ways. Unlike other platforms where you’re either taking only paid surveys or completing other activities, On Clickworker, you can earn both ways. So, let’s look at these more precisely

You Can Earn By Taking Surveys

As was previously said, taking paid surveys is one way to get money on ClickWorker. In other words, it works similar to how survey sites typically operate. That is, you’ll be given an offer to take surveys and after that, you’ll be paid accordingly.

However, before you can move on to the main survey, you will need to complete a short screening exercise. They tailor their surveys to a specific audience to increase response rates. To find out if you are a part of the intended audience, you must take the preliminary test.

With this mechanism in place, you will not waste time filling out a survey only to learn that you do not meet the requirements to claim the reward.

You Can Earn By Completing Microtasks

To get job offers, you must first finish creating your profile. Do not freak out if you check in for the first time and do not see any microtasks to complete. Complete your profile to unlock instant access to a wide variety of micro-tasking opportunities.

Your profile information determines which assignments are made available to you. The idea is that you can adjust the microtasks shown to you based on your expertise in a particular sector by editing your profile.

Offers And Promotions

On Clickworker at times, their partners will publish promotions and offer that, if completed, will increase the number of benefits you earn. However, they included a disclaimer saying that they are not responsible for the quality of the services offered by their partners even though they thoroughly review all of the applications that they approve.

How Do You Get Paid On Clickworker?

ClickWorker pays its employees in Euros. Therefore, you should expect to get all of your earnings in Euro. The accepted payment methods are PayPal, SEPA, and Transferwise. However, not all methods of payment are available in every country. Also, you need to have a bare minimum of $10 before you can process your withdrawal.

How Much Can You Earn On Clickworker?

The company advertises a starting wage of over $10 per hour on its website. Although it’s not so high, it’s pretty decent compared to other platforms. It also depends on how many paid surveys, micro tasks, and partner offers you get approved for.

Who Can Join Clickworker?

Absolutely anyone! Clickworker is open to people of all nationalities provided they’re 18 and above.


Clickworker is a 100% legit platform where you get paid for completing micro tasks and taking surveys. Their withdrawal options and disbursement are fair and don’t take too long to process. Clickworker is ideal if you’re looking to make cool cash without breaking a sweat online.

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