You are currently viewing Coinhodux Review.  Legit Or scam?  Check out NOW!!!

Coinhodux Review. Legit Or scam? Check out NOW!!!

CoinHudox Review

Coinhodux is the new trending cryptocurrency trading website everyone has been talking about.

Well if you are already a user trying to know about the 500usd registration offer if it’s legit or a new one trying to register, then you are at the right place.

Just take your time to read through this article.

What is Coinhodux ?

Coinhodux is a secure and easy peer-to-peer crypto wallet. Coinhodux supports top crypto currencies to send, receive and swap with a little gas fee on transactions when sending out crypto assets from Coinhodux wallet to other crypto wallets.
You join and earn $500 and earn while people use your link to register.

In the introduction of CoinHudox, it’s clear that the site is a crypto trade app, but it’s trading for its 500usd bonus and many internet users want to know about it.

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Howto make money on CoinHudox

CoinHudox is different from the usual online earning websites you can only make money in 2 ways we are listing next.

  • 500$ Registraton Bonus
  • Refferall

1. 500$ Registration bonus

This is the eye-catching and reason everyone is trying to know about them.

You get a whooping sum of 500$ for just registering, well that’s luring lol.

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2. Refferal

This is the act where you invite other people to join and you get commission n each user you invite.

After Registration, you can get your referral link.

Now before moving to the important question you are here for let’s share the two most important links of the site.



Is CoinHudox Legit or Scam?

CoinHudox is a SCAM

Now we are explaining why it’s a scam site.

1. Identity

There’s no individual or group to call the CEO of Coinhudox and there’s no reason you should trade on such an app. Why are you going to send your money to an anonymous?

2. Time of operation.

Despite trying to find the time this site was founded we got non. Well, we guess they are just months or some old.

3. Ridiculous offer

Despite being a new website, they are offering millions of internet users 500$ each which is just not ridiculous but funny.

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