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Edumags Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria

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Have you been wondering about the Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria, beliefs, and the misconception about them? This article has got you covered as we will be talking about it, especially among Nigerians.

 Facts about Dreadlocks

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria

Dreadlocks which are popularly known as dreads among Nigerians can also be called ” locs “ or”locks “ can form organically when a person refrains from washing, combing, and brushing the hair over a long period.

Dreadlock in Nigeria is believed to have some spiritual attachment and backup. It is believed to be more potent than average children in Nigeria and has some unique gifts from birth.

Nowadays, fashionistas now wear artificial locks to look good, not minding the spiritual attachment attached to dreadlocks. Dreadlocks in Nigeria are finally becoming fashion trends among many people in Nigeria against the olden day’s beliefs when”deadlock carriers are seen as dirty and unkempt.”

Stylists describe dreadlocks like a Rastafarian hairstyle, especially in Jamaica.

History of Dreadlock in Nigeria  

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria    

In some extreme beliefs among some Nigerians, children with dreadlocks are believed to be gods and offered to some shrines in some severe cases.

Dreadlocks are believed to have originated from Jamaica, but critics thought dreadlocks had been worked by many cultures in Ancient days, so dreadlocks can’t be derived from Jamaica.

Even in Africa, dreadlocks were worn by many people in ancient days.

In Nigeria, dreadlocks are believed to be a natural gift given by God to some children (This is believed to be a significant use to know special children with special powers from God).

Among the Yorubas, any child with natural dreadlocks is called “Dada,” Such a child is believed to have extraordinary power given by Olodumare.

Children with dreadlocks among the Yoruba are unique, and only their mother is allowed to touch their hair. It is believed that if any other person apart from the mother feels the hair of the child, the person has the special rite to perform to appease the gods backing them up.

Whenever the child wants their parents to chop off the hair at whichever time is convenient for them, it is believed that lice are seen in the hair.   

So whenever lives are seen in any child’s hair, it is believed among the Yorubas that the child wants their chopped off. Certain rites need to be performed before cutting the child’s hair, like (The parents of the child ask them what they want, and they have to meet the child’s demands, among many other things.)

A child with a natural dreadlock among the Yorubas is believed to be so powerful to the extent that“they can never go broke or lack anything good in life.”

Among the Igbos, children with deadlock are also believed to be unique, and they are called “Elena”(Child king) and are believed to be a reincarnation of great men or women or deities.

Among the Igbos, which is no different from the Yorubas, it is believed that the hair is tied to the overall wellbeing of the child and should be handled with utmost care.

No other person is allowed to touch their hair except their mother. If anybody parts from the mother feel the hair of the child by error, it is believed that the person would appease the child by giving them money and trying a cowry on their locks to prevent the child from falling sick.

5 Benefit of Dreadlocks 

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria

There are certain benefits attached to lock carriers.

  • Locks can be styled for any event
  • Locks require little to no effort daily
  • Locks saves money
  • The carrier easily maintains Locks
  • Locks promote rapid hair growth 

 Modern Days Dreadlocks

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria 

In present times, dreadlocks are now more of fashion than natural. Most deadlock carriers believe it makes them look unique and saves money compared to other hairstyles.

Irrespective of the misconception around dreadlocks, many people still prefer dreadlocks to other hairstyles.

In present days, it is hard to distinguish between natural dreadlocks and artificial dreadlocks. Most celebrities now adopt the dreadlocks’ looks cause it makes them look unique.

Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria.

if you have been seeking to know about the Cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria, there are things you need to consider, and one is the type of deadlock which you want to do.

The cost of Dreadlock in Nigeria is around #7000-#10,000.


Irrespective of certain spiritual beliefs attached to locks, Dreadlocks are still hairstyles nowadays, with many benefits.

The above article is detailed information about dreadlocks, beliefs, and misconceptions about them; if there are more things you would like to know about dreadlocks, make them known in the comment section.

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