Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies for Free (2023)

Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies

Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies – Which website can I download free Nigerian Movies? If you are a lover of Nigerian movies, then you will really like to read this post, because it will give you the best platform to use and download your lovely Nigerian movies.

Are you looking for the best platforms that you can use to download Nigerian movies? This article has the top 10 best websites where you can download Nigerian movies for your pleasure and enjoyment. 

So if you are looking for such platforms, read this post for the best websites to use. In the post I will tell the top ten websites to use and how you can use them to download the movies you want.

Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies

Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies

    1. Netnaija
    2. YouTube
    3. Nollyland 
    4. Iroko Tv
    5. IbakaTv
    6. Naijapals
    7. Realnollytv
    8. Codedwap 
    9. Naijaonpoint
    10. Wapbaze 

Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies

Here is a detailed explanation of the top ten websites where you can download Nollywood movies with ease. They are:


One of the best sites to download Nigerian movies is Netnaija. In fact, you cannot talk about downloading Nigerian Movies without talking about Netnaija, which is a popular platform for you to download your movies.

Netnaija offers you the latest and most trending Nollywood movies. As if that is not enough, you can also download tribal movies at the site. This includes Igbo movies, Hausa Movies, and Yoruba movies as well.


On some occasions, you will find Hollywood movies as well.  You download and stream movies online, using SD or HD quality, or even both. 

Netnaija website: For your Nollywood movies, visit 



YouTube is actually owned by Google Inc. It is the world’s most popular movie-downloading platform. This is the most popular platform you can download movies from.

 YouTube does not just serve as a platform for Nollywood movies, it is a global platform that has any movie at all that you need, so using YouTube to download your Nollywood movies is one of the best websites to use.

YouTube has both Yoruba movies, Hausa movies, and Igbo movies. Apart from the Nigerian movies which are the focal point of our discussion in this article, you can also use the YouTube website to download any movie at all in the world.

YouTube website

To download movies on YouTube, please visit for your movies.


Have you heard of Nollyland? It is another website that you can stream, and download your Nollywood movies for free. 

One unique feature of Nollyland is that you don’t just download Nigerian Movies, you also download movies from other African countries such as Ghana, and other movies produced in other African countries.

To download Nigerian movies today, visit, 

Iroko Tv

 This movie-downloading website was established in 2011 and was founded by Jason Njoku. Today, it has grown so large to become one of the largest Nollywood downloading websites.

At Iroko TV you have the opportunity to stream and watch a series of movies that interest you. There is a subscription fee that is attached to using their website. 

You have to pay the sum of N3,000 subscription fee, which will last for a year, after opening an account with them. Visit Iroko TV today for your latest Nollywood movies.


Ibaka Tv, just like the aforementioned (Iroko Tv) was also founded in the same year as Iroko Tv, that is 2011. It was founded by Blessed Idornigie.

The website has over 15,000 hours of movies and TV series streamed demand for only Nollywood movies.  So if you need to download Nollywood movies today use IbakaTV, and visit their site.

Remember that Ibaka TV has an app, that you can use to stream, and do anything you want to do on the website. 


Another interesting and movie mind-blowing site for downloading Nigerian Movies is the Naijapals.

Apart from the ones I have mentioned earlier, this is another choice for most Nollywood movie downloaders.

But why do people like downloading movies from this site? Because the site offers you all the kinds of movies you need and you can download them for free. Visit Naijapals today to start downloading the latest movies of your choice.


At Reallynolly TV, what you have is exactly Nollywood movies and nothing more. As its name implies, really only TV is best when it comes to Nollywood movies.

For you to be able to use the Reallynolly website to download your Nollywood movies, you have to first register with the website. What that means is that registration is a requirement before you can have access to the website and download any movie.

Therefore, if you are looking for real Nollywood movies, the right site for you to visit is reallynollytv.


The next in our list of top ten websites for downloading Nollywood movies is Codedwap. If you are looking for where you can Nollywood movies for free, the right choice to make is Codedwap.

When you are looking latest movies from Nollywood, contact Codedwap, all their movies are absolutely free to download. The website also has a segment of the site that is solely meant for news.

It is not only Nigerian movies that you can download at Codedwap, you can also download, Ghanaian movies, Indian movies, and a host of other movies from this website. So visit Codedwap today and have a good time downloading your favorite movies.


Naijaonpoint is another platform where you can download Nollywood movies of your choice. They offer different types of movies, that you can download for free. 


They also have restrictions like registration or opening of an account before you can download any movie that is the reason, most movie downloaders go to Naijaonpoint for movie downloading.

What are you waiting for? Visit the official website of Naijaonpoint today and download your movies.


In the list, I have the last, which is number ten to be a website called Wapbaze. It is also the most preferred website people go to for their latest Nollywood movies. 

Wapbaze has all the Nigerian movies you are looking for, including Igbo movies, Hausa movies, and Yoru ba movies, as well.


Thank you for reading this post on the Top 10 Places to Download Nigerian Movies. With the top ten list, you have an ocean of avenues to download and enjoy your movies.