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Fanvue Review – Can You Earn From It?

Earning money online has been made much simpler by platforms like Fanvue. There are other platforms with similar features and software, but Fanvue stands out for several good reasons which include; channel promo video, advanced insights and discoverability among others. Without further ado, let’s review all you need to know about Fanvue and how you can earn some cool cash from this platform.

What Is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a relatively new social media network that facilitates communication between content creators and the audiences they target. Fanvue is similar to OnlyFans in that it enables content creators to establish a monthly subscription price and create an account for anyone who wants access to their premium content.

Fanvue is a rapidly expanding platform valued at over £21 Million; could this platform be another alternative to OnlyFans? You can set up an account on Fanvue to access a broad variety of content, including music, fitness, and entertainment, as well as adult content, if you so choose.

How To Earn On Fanvue?

There are lots of options you could explore to earn on Fanvue. Let’s consider them below:

Through Pay Per View Content

On Fanvue, price-locked content is an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue. You can upload your regular content to your feed after paying the required subscription fee for your account, which gives you access to the account.

After that, you will be able to boost this content with extra, exclusive content. However, you should exercise caution when using this method, as it is most effective when applied to accounts that cost less than $10 per month or are free.

You Can Sell More By Using Messages Feature

Sending out mass messages to your audience with exclusive pictures and videos is the most effective method for generating money from pay-per-view content.

You can also request suggestions for personalized content from your audience. For instance, a fan can ask you to create a video tutorial lasting 5 minutes on how to prepare a certain dish that they are interested in learning how to cook. After that, you can haggle over a fee (for example, $20), and then go on ahead and make the video.

Next, you will need to upload the video to Fanvue, send a message to your fan, and include a link to the video along with the message. The price for the video will be $20. Just that easy!

You Can Earn By Asking For Tips

Don’t hesitate to ask for tips; some fans would be glad to tip you for the work you’ve done. Also, selling customized content or even actual things is yet another excellent way of monetizing your Fanvue activity and turning tips into cash (i.e. signed clothing, merchandise etc.). Just ask your audiences to write a comment with their delivery address and the item they wish to purchase.

Is Fanvue Legit Or a scam?

Indeed, Fanvue is not a scam. Fanvue is an entirely legit platform that will not give you any trouble when you attempt to monetize your exclusive content and earn real money from it. Fanvue has demonstrated time and again that it is one of the most notable platforms now operating on the market.


If you are a creator and are looking for an alternative to OnlyFans, Fanvue is an excellent choice. If you want to be successful on the platform, you should make use of the discover feature, post content regularly, and promote your account via social media. There is not a single complaint that has been filed regarding payment on Fanvue. Register on Fanvue today and start earning!

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