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How to Check Baba Ijebu Result

How to Check Baba Ijebu Result – A lot of people have come to terms with the popular gambling known as Baba Ijebu. As a result of how many wins people have been experiencing in the game, the game, people are beginning to search for how to check the game by themselves.

Do you play Baba Ijebu Lotto game, but don’t know how to check your result? This article is meant for people like you. This post is aimed at showing you how to check your Baba Ijebu lotto result.

So if you are a fan of the Baba Ijebu lotto game read this article for full details on how to check your result, and know if you have won or not. Before then, let me introduce those who don’t know anything about Baba Ijebu lotto.

How to Check Baba Ijebu Result

About Baba Ijebu Lotto

Baba Ijebu lotto game is also known as premier lotto. It is a game that most Nigerians have come to love over the years. It was founded in 2011.

The game has many options such as NAP2, Banker, and Perm2, which offer many players of the game, the opportunity to win different games.

Baba Ijebu lotto games are played 24/7, so you can win any day any time.

Baba Ijebu Lotto Result Checking Selection Options

Before you check your results, you have to use this selection option, so that you can arrive at a point of sending your code and checking your phone. The following steps will be useful to achieve this.

Baba Ijebu

Selection options:

  1. NAP2
  2. NAP3
  3. PERM2
  4. PERM3
  5. Sports betting
  6. My account
  7. Recent draws
  8. View T&C
  9. About 

Cancel ………….. Send


Methods of Checking Baba Ijebu’s Result

Do you know that you can use your smartphone to check your Baba Ijebu lotto result? Yes, that is actually possible. If you are a subscriber of MTN or Airtel, you can do that with a specific code that is designed for checking the result, with either of the aforementioned networks.

In this section, I will be telling you the different methods you can use to check for your Baba Ijebu lotto results.

 You can use any of the following methods and their codes:

  • MTN codes method
  • Airtel codes method
  • Online checking method

How to check Baba Ijebu Lotto Result with Airtel code

One way of checking your Baba Ijebu Lotto game result, is by using an Airtel code, for those who are Airtel subscribers. So if you are a subscriber of the Airtel network, this is how you can use Airtel to check Baba Ijebu lotto.

The following steps will help you check your Baba Ijebu lotto results:

  1. Dial the Airtel result checking code, which is *755#. 
  2. Dial the code in your phone send it, and wait for it.
  3. Wait for response send the code, and you will be asked to enter some vital information that will be required of you
  4. Carefully continue and follow the prompt that you receive from the response you get.
  5. When you have successfully inputted all the required information, your result will be displayed for you to see.

How to check Baba Ijebu Lotto Result with MTN code

Also, if you are an MTN subscriber, you can also check your Baba Ijebu Lotto results using your MTN sim card, and the steps to follow are here below:

 To start using the MTN sim to check your result, you need to know the code. And the code to be used is 32240.

 With the above code, all that MTN users need to do is:

  • Dial the result checking code *32240#, and send it.
  • Wait for a response from the code you send, you will be sent information, to enter your lotto card information
  • Enter all the information following the prompt and after that wait for your results to come out.

How to Check Baba Ijebu’s Results Online

Whether you played the game two weeks ago or a month ago, if you still want to have access to the result, you can. You can follow these steps to check past results of Baba Ijebu lotto.

The steps to follow are:

  • Log into the website
  • Click on the latest result menu
  • Options will pop up 
  • Select the Lotto result date from the pop-up options
  • Select the type of game that you are looking for the result
  • Or you can click on the custom tab to customize your day
  • Thereafter, the winning number and selected games will appear.
  • That is how you check your winning games 

Baba Ijebu Games Results & Schedule

The following are the Baba Ijebu games and their schedules.

Baba Ijebu Sunday Games

Mark II        –       Sunday at 12:45 PM

Enugu          –       Sunday at 3:45 PM

Lucky           –       Sunday at 7:15 PM

Tota             –        Sunday at 10:45 PM


Baba Ijebu Monday Games

Diamond            –    Monday at 9:45 AM

Peoples              –      Monday at 12:45 PM

Bingo                 –       Monday at 3:45 PM

Metro                –       Monday at 7:15 PM

MSP                    –      Monday at 7:15 PM

International   –       Monday at 10:45 P


Baba Ijebu Tuesday Games

Gold                   –          Tuesday at 9:45 AM

O6                      –          Tuesday at 12:45 PM

Jackpot           –          Tuesday at 3:45 PM

Club Master    –          Tuesday at 7:15 PM

Lucky G           –           Tuesday at 7:15 PM

Super               –           Tuesday at 10:45 PM


Baba Ijebu Wednesday Games

Mark II        –       Wednesday at 12:45 PM

Enugu          –       Wednesday at 7:15 PM

Lucky           –       Wednesday at 10:45 PM

Tota              –       Wednesday at 9:45 AM

Midweek      –       Wednesday at 7:15 PM

Vag                –      Wednesday at 3:45 PM


Baba Ijebu Thursday Games

Diamond     –     Thursday at 3:45 PM

Peoples         –     Thursday at 9:45 AM

Bingo             –      Thursday at 10:45 PM

Fairchance    –      Thursday at 12:45 PM

Fortune          –     Thursday at 07:15 PM

International  –   Thursday at 07:15 PM


Baba Ijebu Friday Games

Royal            –        Friday at 09:45 AM

Bonanza          –        Friday at 07:15 PM

Metro            –       Friday at 12:45 PM

Gold               –        Friday at 3:45 PM

Jackpot         –        Friday at 7:15 PM

Vag                  –         Friday at 10:45 PM


Baba Ijebu Saturday Games

06                       –        Saturday at 7:15 PM

Club Master     –       Saturday at 3:45 PM

Super                –        Saturday at 12:45 PM

Premier King  –        Saturday at 9:45 AM

National          –        Saturday at 7:15 PM

Fairchance      –        Saturday at 10:45

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my phone to check my Baba Ijebu lotto result? 

Yes, you can use your phone to check your results. If you are using MTN Airtel or Glo network, you can use the codes above and check your results with your smartphone.

How can I check my result using my Airtel line?

To check your Baba Ijebu lotto result, with your Airtel line, dial *755#.


Thank you for reading this article on How to Check Baba Ijebu Result 2023, this is where I will shut down today on the post, and I want to be sure that the information was good enough to help you check your Baba Ijebu lotto results.