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How To Earn From PlayFi Network

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PlayFi, also known as PlayFi Network, is a mining platform that allows you to earn money daily. It is the world’s biggest prize platform that offers a new type of token reward. However, this token reward can be earned from various methods, and any money gained from it is completely redeemable.

In addition, you can turn your bonus into real money by spinning the wheel. You have the opportunity to get two different types of commissions on the trading of friends and win in the lottery pool if you participate in the referral programme.

Create a powerful team on this PlayFi platform to receive a significant percentage of the total commission money. Now, let’s forge ahead on how you can earn from PlayFi Network. 

How To Earn From PlayFi Network

You can earn through:

  1. In-app activities like Spinning of wheel.
  2. Through referral.

Below are what you need to know when referring people:

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● When the new users have successfully registered an account and accumulated funds in the PlayFi wallet, they will be granted access to the PlayFi platform.

● You (the referrer) are eligible for a fee of 10% of the USDP; the referee’s account generates when they link an account using your referral code.

● The referrer must trade after signup to boost their earning rate, and there is no cap on the number of friends they can invite.

● Additional winnings can be applied to coupons for the spinning wheel and the lucky draw.

● The USDP amount is fully redeemable, and if you make a request, it will be transferred to your bank.

Things You Need To Know When Using The PlayFi Network App

Using the PlayFi Network app isn’t complicated at all. However, there are some things you ought to know to understand how this app works and how to mine massively from it. Let’s review them quickly:

● You only earn on PlayFi when you’re active. That is, you earn only earn when your session is active. 

● The more the number of active players you have on your team, the more you earn ×25%. Therefore, if you have 10 active players on your team, you earn 10 × 25 = 250% of your current rate. 

● Players are permitted to use 20 tickets for each lottery. Players pick a three-digit number between the range of 000 and 999 with each ticket. The system will randomly select a three-digit lucky number each day, and the daily prize pool will be distributed among those players who correctly predicted the lucky number.

● If a player in your team wins the prize pool, you get 10% of their share. The PlayFi Network system is such that when any member of your team wins, that automatically means a win for you too. 


PlayFi is a legit platform where you can earn both directly and indirectly from your team player’s earnings. Sign up with PlayFi today and join the moving train! 

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