How to Make 20,000 Naira Daily

It is almost impossible to survive without a steady stream of income in Nigeria, especially with the recent hike in the prices of essentials making it difficult for the average Nigerian to survive with the minimum wage of 30,000 Naira. The few who seem to have balance only do so because they have more than two sources of income.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can join the train of those who make an extra on the side. Envision gaining a little less than the normal minimum pay daily! That’s right. Earning only once a month is now ancient news. You can make money every single day. Even without being physically present.

Ways to Make 20,000 NAIRA DAILY

Here are a few ways any individual can start to make 20,000 Naira daily easily.

Start your Own Business

Even though this has existed for a very long period, having your own business is one of the basic ways of earning daily. You can look out for services that need to be attended to in your local community and provide solutions for them.

Of course, a little capital would be needed to start, depending on the kind of service being rendered, but if you are efficient and knowledgeable in your trade, you will build a clientele and have a steady flow of income in no time.

Become a Good Content Creator

Creating amazing and relatable content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok is a much-overlooked field, especially seeing as we are in an age where people spend hours on their mobile devices, searching for the next big news and looking for ways to develop themselves.

As a content creator, you can focus on any social media platform you are good at and milk it to your desire by creating a steady flow of entertainment or inspiration for your community. The list of what you can do as a content creator is simply endless and the best part is probably the fact that you do not necessarily have to leave your comfort zone.

Content creators get contracted to promote and approve products when they are influential and have a large community. On average, a content creator gets paid about 70,000 Naira for a social media post.


The world of technology has become much more important with the increase in small and online businesses. Business owners now look for those who are tech-savvy, to build websites for their companies.

Freelance software designers usually have the choice of working remotely for companies in Nigeria, as well as businesses abroad. Although it takes time to earn massively in this field as firms like to work with those who have an existing portfolio, it still pays well.


Trading Forex, Crypto, and stocks are among the few ways many Nigerians steadily make money. This venture usually requires a reasonable startup capital and a good knowledge of trading for it to be successful. Taking a few courses to understand the foreign exchange market is a good way to start if you’re opting for this method. You can easily start trading crypto on Binance.

Sell digital products

The sale of digital products such as e-books, videos, music, research papers, and online courses is a lucrative means of making money. People usually want to buy and learn new things in a quick way and digital products do this. 

You can use this need to your advantage by putting together a series of things people want to learn and selling at your set price. This has also been made easy by some platforms where you can easily sell your product and get paid at your convenience for a small fee.

Freelance with High-Paying Skills

High-paying skills such as copywriting, graphic design, video editing, transcribing, and so on, are in demand right now. This can benefit you if you have any of these skills. Even if you don’t, you can take lessons to acquire them.

Many existing businesses rely on freelancers to do short-term work for them on a contract basis and pay a significant amount of money for the period. You can also offer your services on platforms like Upwork, People per hour, Fiverr and so on, and get paid for every work delivered.


Teaching is a traditional method and remains a good way of making money daily. Through the use of the internet, however, it is now possible to teach without being in direct contact with the student. You could teach on topics ranging from academics to everyday activities such as cooking.


The number of ways to make roughly 20,000 naira every day is simply endless, particularly with the widespread use of the internet. While it is not necessarily a child’s play, with one step at a time and the right knowledge, it is possible. 

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