How to Make Money from Comedy Skits in Nigeria

The success that the Nigerian entertainment industry has achieved in the past years is unrivalled. The music industry taking us to the Grammys level, the movie industry has come a long way and the comedy industry’s evolution can not be overlooked as well.

There is a reason why the country is recently ranked the fourth happiest country in the world despite all the challenges the citizens face every day and it’s thanks to the entertainment industry.

Many skit makers like Brother Shaggi, Mr. Macaroni, Taaoma, Sydney talker, Sabinus, and others have risen to stardom recently which has inspired a lot of young and aspiring comedians who want to get their content out there as well.

If you’re one of these up and coming skit makers and you want to find your way around how to go about skit making and how to make money from it, you should definitely follow this article as we will be providing all the necessary information to make you the next big thing in the fast-rising Nigeria comedy industry.

How Do I Begin My Skit-Making Career?

The first step is to practice and acquire the skill of acting, even the most talented comedians don’t joke with practice cause it’s just not as easy as it looks and requires a level of professionalism.

Skit makers like Brother Shaggi attended schools to study and perfect the art of acting while Mr. Macaroni has been acting in the industry for a long time before venturing into skit making.

With consistent practice, things will move to shape and it’s gonna become natural to you which is when you are definitely ready to face the camera.

What Are The Necessary Equipment To Kickstart My Skit Making?

While you don’t need to set up a large studio for your skit making, you will actually be needing some important accessories if you want to venture into skit making. This equipment includes.

  • Camera

It is important to acquire an HD camera for your skit shooting. Quality is very vital in the industry and with the growing competition, you have to produce a quality skit to stay among the best. An HD camera should be available from #100,000. If you can’t afford a camera yet, you can make use of your HD Android phone or an iPhone if you have one.

  • Laptop

After shooting your video, the next step is to edit which you really can’t do without a laptop so getting one is important as well. It doesn’t have to be a brand new one for starters, you can just kick start by getting a fairly used one. 

  • Gimbal

To stabilize your camera and give that shot a professional look, a gimbal will be needed. No one will know that your friend shot the video and not TG Omori.

  • Lighting

With a variety of light features, you can get a ring light or others according to your budget to brighten up your video location and give you a perfect clip.

  • Microphones

Audibility is important, shooting and uploading a skit where your audience can’t hear a bit of what you’re saying will flop which is why a microphone is needed for enhanced audibility. You can get a microphone that fits your budget, to begin with.

Next Step After Getting Required Equipment

After perfecting the art, and getting the necessary equipment might be wondering what the next step is. Here’s how to go about it.

Shooting and Uploading your Videos

Consistency is essential in the skit-making industry. As a starter, you have to shoot and upload at least three videos in a week. You can choose to upload on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These days are said to bring in more traffic which can make your recognition rapid. You can begin to upload once a week once you’re getting recognized.

Create Quality Contents

The quality of your content will play a big role in the numbers and categories of audience you have. You should put in your best effort to create creative and engaging content. One of the tested and effective methods to attract an audience is to create a skit using personal experiences that everyone can relate to.

Create Your Signature Look

Having a distinctive look makes you stand out and the audience can easily identify you. Skits makers like Taooma, Sidney Talker, and Remote have demonstrated how effective this strategy can be. You can also specialize in a specific niche, with this the audience knows what to expect from you every week and you can easily discern yourself. However, this method may limit your versatility.

Do Collaborations

If you’re aspiring to be a skit maker, you should have noticed this already in the industry. You’ll see those big boys coming together to feature in a skit.

Once you start getting recognition through your constant skits, you will have to collaborate with other known skit makers which solidifies your stand as a skit maker and increases your audience reach.

How Do I Make Money From My Skits

Social media has made millionaires out of skit makers like Sydney Talker, Brother Shaggi, Josh 2 Funny, and others, it can do the same for you through your content.

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can all bring in money for you with your skits.


Recently, TikTok has become a go-to place for most Nigerians and has become one of Nigeria’s major social platforms. While your earnings on TikTok are determined by the amount of engagement you’ve been receiving. You can earn an unlimited amount on TikTok if you keep on getting the clicks. It is reported that you will be paid 2-4 cents for a thousand views on  TikTok. There are also different ways through which you can increase your number of clicks on TikTok and make lots of money as a skit maker.


With a high level of creativity and quality content, you will receive your share of the billions of viewers that surf YouTube every day when you upload your skits on YouTube. With Adsense, you can easily earn close to $0.01 to  0.013 per click. It is estimated for example on Social Blade, that Broda Shaggi makes between $1600 to as much as $26,000 a month on YouTube. You can read the report here.


A ton of celebrities and influential people like Christiano Ronaldo and our own Davido makes a large amount of money per year on Instagram from their posts. You can also join the number of people that earn their money via posting on Instagram. the audience will turn up if the content is engaging enough which is why quality content is essential.


You can’t get it wrong on Twitter, your A-game is important on this platform as it can be a brutal place if your content is not solid enough. The platform is known for its brutal criticism but when you get it right, there is no other social media platform that can give you the PR you can get from Twitter.

Brands Sponsorships

This is the most common way Nigerian skit makers make money in 2022. Many companies especially betting companies are ready to pay for paid content or even go as far as making these skit makers their brand ambassadors.

Hosting Live Shows

Although very rare, some skit makers such as Sabinus host live shows and sell tickets to their audience. This is another way to make money and a lot of cash at that.

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