How to Make Money from Football Betting in Nigeria

Many people do wonder if it’s possible to make a profit from sports betting.  Bookies like Betway, Bet9ja, and Nairabet have advertised and think it’s possible to put in a stake and win big from football betting. It is naturally believed that people will always want to gamble although many think it’s the bookies that rake in the money while stakers go back home empty-handed.

Taking risks is a unique feature of man, be it sports betting or elections, people have invested in uncertainties dropping their income and hoping they win. Up to  60 million Nigerian youths between the age of 14 yo 45 have immensely indulged in football betting which has makes it the most renowned form of gambling in Nigeria.

Football lovers now take advantage of their hard work and passion by betting on their favourite teams and making a profit. Many football lovers even make a living off gambling.

In this article, we will be discussing various ways through which you can earn and make a profit from football betting.

How Do I Start Making Money With Football Betting?

One of the reasons why football betting has been appalling to Nigerian youth is because you don’t need a huge amount to get started.  The betting amount is always relatively small which makes it easy it’s easy to get started with just as low as a hundred nairas. Football betting is not as complicated as it looks but it’s important to note that like most betting, there’s a chance you’re going to lose your entire wager.

Football Betting is different from the lottery which has two or three winners every week, football betting provides thousands of winners daily which makes your chance of winning greater than average unlike other forms of gambling.

Choosing a Bookmarker

The first step in football betting is to choose a Bookmarker. Finding a bookmarker can be hard because there are just so many you can choose from. Sports betting websites like 1xBet, 22bet, Bet9ja, Nairabet, Bet king, and Wazobet are all platforms you can choose from to book your games in Nigeria. Some of the smaller sites offer more options unlike the big boys, this appalling options include cashback bonuses and other ongoing promotions.

The Basics of Football Betting

Football betting is no rocket science.  Even if you haven’t bet on a football match before, you’d surely understand. When placing a bet, start selecting the particular game you wanted to bet on and choose your preferred options among the available options which include winning, lose, draw, win or draw, both teams to score, and others. You can select multiple games and chose your preferred options as well.

If you’re not certain about your preferred options, you can choose one that has an established record over time and desist from the flashy uncertain team whose odds have been artificially inflated.

Choosing tried-and-tested options with a proven track record of winning is also advisable. Once you’ve chosen your games and preferred options, you’ll need to find out the odd your bookies are offering. With this, you will understand how much you stand to profit or lose when you stake.

Managing wins and losses

Keeping track of your losses is essential if you want to make a profit from football betting. The ability to manage your loss will allow you to plan, access, and have money for your next bet.

This is vital particularly if you intend on placing larger bets over time. For instance, choosing a team that loses more than it wins throughout a season could provide you up to thousands of nairas If you save every time this team loses.

Following tipsters

Following tipsters on the internet can also make you play a safe and specific game which can help you earn lots of money on football betting. Tipsters are experts that provide their professional predictions on big games and how you should place your bets. Tipsters are also available to be hired and do all the work for you, they will in turn be collecting a share of your winnings.

Checking out the free soccer predictions websites is also a smart method if you don’t have the time and patience to pick the bets yourself and you still want to win big in football betting.

Making Money from Football Betting

However, there are also other ways to make lots of money from football betting without even placing a bet at all. These money-making methods include.

Sports Blogs and Affiliate Marketing

Since most people who indulge in football betting are football lovers who love to read about the latest happenings in the football world. You can use that to your advantage by starting a blog on the sports niche.

To make things better, through your blog you can become an affiliate marketer for the renowned bookmakers. By generating decent traffics on your blogs, the bookmakers who become aware of your blog audience who also happens to be involved in football betting can get persuaded through your blog to register and play games with their company.

The evolution process which makes most stakers begins to play through their mobile phone. The number of customers going to sports betting shops to book games has reduced drastically which has led to the development of making use of sports blogs as the new agent shop online.

While low traffic won’t stop you from participating in the Sports betting affiliate program. You might want to make your blog appalling for more audiences because you will only be receiving a commission for the number of people that registered and played using your blog link.

Earn Through Your Prediction Skills

Another way through which you can earn with football betting is by selling your predictions. Many Nigerian youths have built a reputation for themselves on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram for their precise prediction and are making lots of money from it. They also have thousands of followers who can attest to their brilliance in football predictions. 

Drop Free Football Betting Tips on YouTube

With your YouTube channel, you can drop weekly prediction videos for stakers and watch your subscribers skyrocket with precise predictions, the more viewers you get the better it is for you as you get paid via their clicks.


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