How to Make Money on Fiverr in Nigeria

Leveraging online platforms has become a trend in Nigeria, especially with the rise in unemployment and the prevalence of poor-paying jobs. People now prefer freelancing on sites either as a side hustle or a main job, by offering skills and getting paid for each task executed.

The best part of the whole ordeal is probably the fact that you do not necessarily have to make direct contact with your high-paying clients. Even if you do not have a cabinet full of certificates, provided you are good at the service you are offering, you will be paid accordingly, especially when using secure sites like Fiverr.  

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online networking platform, probably one of the oldest, where you meet with those in need of products and services, and offer your skills to them for a fixed price. In simple terms, the whole idea is to bring consumers and producers in contact with each other in an accessible way for a fee. 

Fiverr is a goldmine for freelancers because there is the opportunity of working with clients on a contract, short-term, or long-term basis. You get a chance to pick what jobs you want to do but of course, your portfolio has to speak well enough for you to call the shots.

How Does Fiverr work?

To get started, you will need to create a Fiverr account, complete all the required forms and verify your email address.

Then proceed to set up a very good profile, this is referred to as a “Gig”. Your gig is the first thing clients see when they search for freelancers for a particular field. It is simply an advertisement telling the clients what you do and your price.

For every service offered on Fiverr, you are only allowed to charge a fixed price of 5$ and a commission of 1$ goes to Fiverr. The good thing is you can offer several services in one gig. For instance, your gig can be edited and you offer to edit 10 articles, each for the price of 5$, giving you a total of 50$ for the work done.

You can also get gig extras when a client hires you for an additional service. This is usually more than the fixed 5$ price and is initiated by you, the seller.

Services You Can Offer on Fiverr

Some services are more demanding than others but there is virtually no service you cannot offer on Fiverr. If you are into web designing, programming, content writing, graphic design, editing, and transcribing, you will make a lot of money from this platform.

Amazingly, these skills and other well-paying ones such as digital marketing, animation, and so on, can be picked up by taking lessons or courses to get better at them.

How to Make Money From the Fiverr platform

Making money from Fiverr isn’t as easy as it might seem to be. A lot of work goes into

Create Unique Gigs

Since so many people use this platform to make money and have a similar skill set, your gigs have to stand out for you to be attractive to buyers. A quick hack is to look at those who are in the same niche as you and do a comparison with them.

Check out their gig titles, and descriptions and tailor yours to look similar. Also, include unique offers to increase the probability of you being contacted by a potential buyer. For instance, instead of writing in your gig “I write engaging blog posts and articles” you can tailor this to “I deliver well-written SEO optimized articles for bloggers and business owners.”

Offer Quality Services

If you intend to build your customer base and keep customers coming back, you must offer exquisite services. Ensure you only write what you can deliver on in your gig and make good on your promises.

Meet up with deadlines and communicate with clients as often as professionally as possible. Make it a habit to meet up with standards. This way, your clients will easily refer you and leave positive reviews.

Get Ranked

Clients naturally gravitate towards sellers they believe will deliver good services to them and trust the Fiverr algorithm to detect those persons. Many people do not know this but, one of the ways to get high rankings on Fiverr comes from delivering on time. As a high-ranking individual, when people search for available transcribers, your gig pops up first. However, this only happens when you meet up with your deadlines in previous works as early as possible. If you have plans on making money on Fiverr, build up a good reputation by delivering on time.

Making money on Fiverr as a Nigerian is simple if you can deliver on your promises and deliver standard work. There’s more than enough space to be successful but you must be willing to get the work done. 


It might not be quick to get the ground running. You might need to hang around for a while because of course, there’s a lot of competition on the platform. It wouldn’t be bad to also have a profile on Fiverr alternatives a very good example is Latium Freelancing.

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