How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements

How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements
How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements

How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements – Did you have poor grades in your WAEC result and you are thinking of how to upgrade it to meet the requirements of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)?

So many candidates who have already applied for JAMB, using awaiting WAEC results are now clamouring for a way of upgrading their results since the results did not meet the requirements of JAMB and as a result, they are looking for a means to upgrade their results to meet JAMB demand.

In this article, I will be showing you how you can upgrade your poor WAEC grades to better grades that can meet JAMB requirements so, keep on reading this article for full details.

What is WAEC Upgrading?

So many people may not understand the concept of what it means to upgrade WAEC, so for that reason, let me explain in brief, what WAEC  upgrading means.

To upgrade WAEC results means to add scores and marks to a WAEC result that with poor performances or grades, to better grades that will meet the requirements of the holder of such results.

For example, a student’s WAEC result that was F9 or E8 can be upgraded to a better grade such as C6, B2, or even A1 and so on.

How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements

Testimonies of those whose results have been upgraded

There are so many people out there on the internet who claim that they can upgrade poor WAEC grades to better grades, you see so many of these advertisements online.

More so, you will see testimonies that read like this:

I want to thank you very much Mr. Ola Anthony for helping me to upgrade my poor WAEC grades.

When I checked my WAEC after it was released, I had F9 in Chemistry, D7 in Mathematics and I had already applied for JAMB and I was afraid that I would miss my admission because of the poor grades that I had, but when I heard that my WAEC poor grades can be upgraded to meet my JAMB requirements, I did not believe it until someone referred me to Mr. Ola.

These and many other testimonies are what you will see online, and I can tell you that they are all lies and scams.

Is it true that  WAEC can be Upgraded after being released?

To be candid with you the idea of upgrading poor WAEC grades is all a scam, there is nothing like WAEC upgrading, if you really want to know the truth, then let me tell you how you can genuinely upgrade your WAEC poor grades.

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How to Upgrade WAEC Results to Meet Jamb Requirements

What are the Genuine Ways of Upgrading Your Poor WAEC Grades? I have told you that it is not possible for you to upgrade your poor WAEC result that has already been published, and if there are people who can attempt to do that, it can only be WAEC officials who are in charge of recording those results, and it is not possible to get in touch with them as you see people brag about it on the internet.

Be that as it may, if you want to upgrade your WAEC result this is my candidate advice:

1. Register and re-write your WAEC 

This may not sound juicy, but it is the only genuine way of upgrading your poor WAEC grades.

2. Private candidacy

You can sit for the exam as a private candidate if you know that you did not meet the minimum requirements for the program that you intended to study.

3. Special considerations

This is very rare, but if it works well. This a situation, whereby a student is offered special consideration for upgrading his or her result based on issues like illness, or death of loved ones during the examination period.

Remember, if this must be considered the candidate must provide proof to support any case that you may raise before the council.

4. Remarking of papers as a result of alleged errors 

Another genuine way of upgrading your WAEC is by remarking on your WAEC answer sheet, and that is if you think that you were supposed to have better grades than what you have and suspect therefore, that there was an error in the course of marking the result or the grading.

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5. Having WAEC officials in the WASSCE

If you have a relative in the WAEC who is responsible for inputting, uploading, and upgrading then you can be sure of getting it done.


These are the only genuine ways you can upgrade your WAEC, anything outside this scope is a scam, and in fact, no WAEC official will come to the internet and broadcast that he or she can upgrade your poor WAEC grades for you publicly, he/she must be joking with his/her job then. So beware don’t fall into the wrong hands, they will eat your money and run away.

All they can do for you is to go and forge a fresh WAEC for you, which is not what you need.