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Is Enlumi Legit or Scam?: All You Need To Know

If you’re looking for platforms that pay you for taking short and simple surveys, Enlumi might just be what you need. All you need to do is to complete surveys about companies and enterprises across Africa and get paid afterwards. In today’s post, we’ll examine Enlumi; how it works, how you can earn from it and how to request a withdrawal from this platform.

What Is Enlumi?

Enlumi, which later changed its name to Lumi, is an online survey platform that was launched in the year 2020 and is based in Nigeria. Enlumi is in the business of collecting data from the most successful businesses across Africa. As a result, the company can offer you a task answering questions of this nature while paying you for your time.

How Does Enlumi Work?

The core of what Enlumi does is to collect data from the most successful businesses across Africa. This data, in the form of surveys (Enlumi surveys), is then presented to the staff of those businesses for them to respond to. A reward in the form of points is earned for each survey that is completed. Also, you earn some points for a successful referral.

Additionally, you will be notified through your email whenever a survey is available, the same as the vast majority of other platforms that offer online surveys.

How To Withdraw From Enlumi?

You can place your withdrawal once you’ve reached the minimum threshold for withdrawal. An excellent feature that Enlumi has over other platforms lies in its withdrawal option. Enlumi has several withdrawal options for your convenience. It could be in the form of airtime, directly into your bank account, or even gift cards.

How To Make Money On Enlumi

On Enlumi, there are several ways you can earn besides taking surveys. Let’s look at them below:


When you make purchases on the platform or buy with your preferred brands, the platform will credit you with a certain number of Lumi points. When you make purchases like these through Lumi, you will automatically receive a reward in the form of Lumi points. You can find these points on your dashboard.

By Paying Bills

Not only do you get paid at for shopping, but if you use Lumi to pay your bills, you also get Lumi rewards. This perk is only available at This bill covers a variety of expenses, such as purchasing recharge cards, renewing your television subscription, and making many other purchases, including those made online.

You will be rewarded with cash back if you pay your bills through the Lumi platform. You may even be eligible for a cash refund that is greater than N5,000 on the item that you have just purchased.

Referrals On Enlumi

Every user has a specific referral code; you can get yours through the official Enlumi website. You can start receiving your reward as soon as you post this referral code or link on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat page and stories for friends, family, or viewers to see and click on. And do not forget, pals: the more people you recommend, the more points you receive; therefore, guys, do not be slack about this; keep referring to earn more.


Enlumi is a 100% legit platform that pays you for taking simple surveys on their platform. On Enlumi, much like on the majority of other platforms, you can earn money without even breaking a sweat. It’s worth noting that and are the same. That is to say, all that has changed is the name. In addition, So, don’t be confused when you see Getlumi instead of Enlumi

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