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Neobux Review – How Much Can You Earn?

There’s never a single way to earn money online. So, it’s ideal to search for platforms that offer several options to earn from, and Neobux might just be what you need. Therefore, I hope this article provides you with the knowledge you need on Neobux and particularly on how much you can earn from it. Enjoy! 

What Is Neobux? 

Neobux is a paid-to-click platform that pays you for clicking on views and clicking on ads, as well as completing short surveys. The idea behind this is to generate enough traffic for their sites. Neobux has been around the internet space since 2008, and it’s open to everyone regardless of location or nationality. 

How To Earn On Neobux 

By Clicking Ads 

You can earn on Neobux by clicking ads, and there are lots of new ads for you to click every day. Even while you will not make a lot of money doing this, each advertisement will take you, on average, only around ten seconds of your time.

You only make about $0.001 for every advertisement that you watch. You can, however, upgrade your membership to earn more

By Taking Surveys 

On NeoBux, you can participate in paid surveys regularly. Your location will determine whether or not there will be any available. However, NeoBux does provide a fair amount of surveys; but, you should be aware that to complete them, you will need to visit external websites. This indicates that finding surveys for which you are eligible can frequently need some patience on your part.

Paid Offers 

The section of NeoBux known as Paid Offers (sometimes referred to as Offer Walls) is where you can find several online offers that pay you when you complete the tasks. It may involve downloading applications, completing additional surveys, signing up for free trials on websites, and a variety of other activities.

By Referrals 

You can also earn extra by referring your friends. You can earn a little bit more money by encouraging other people to join NeoBux and getting a modest fee for every earning that person makes. 

By completing Quizzes 

Earning money with this method is rather simple. You will not, however, be aware of the nature of the prize until after you have completed a test.

How Much Can You Earn On Neobux 

Neobux can pay you anywhere from $0.001 to $0.005 for a click to view an advertisement. The majority of ads may be viewed in 10 to 12 seconds. The rewards for completing surveys are much higher, but they’re not above $1. Therefore, in an hour, you’re sure to make between $0.36 – $1 on average. 

How Do You Get Paid On Neobux? 

Payments to NeoBux can be made using either PayPal or a regular bank transfer. Your earnings will be displayed on the dashboard, where you can also immediately cash out. When you initially cash out, the minimum withdrawal is $2, but after that, it will grow by $1 each time. As soon as your balance reaches $10, this will become the new minimum. However, some users have complained of non-payment of funds. 


Neobux is a legit platform that pays you for completing simple tasks. You can either withdraw into your standard bank account or through PayPal. However, some users have complained about underpayment or nonpayment of funds in recent times. 

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