Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT Canada 2024 Application Details

Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT – Are you looking for a scholarship, do you know that there is an ongoing Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT Canada? BCIT Canada has very many financial aids, awards, and scholarships for students who are already enrolled in the school or who are about to enroll in the school, and one of the scholarships offered at BCIT Canada is the Premier International Scholarship for 2024.

The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and a clear sense of how the global literacy of the citizenry can impact our society positively. Therefore, you can be a beneficiary of the scholarship if you think you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, and protected person, and have what it takes to change and make an impact in your own world, while still having in mind that you will need to fulfill all the requirements criteria of the school and sponsors. 

In this article, we will outline for you full the Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT Canada 2024 Application and its full details, all the eligibility criteria for your application, requirements criteria, academic qualifications, application deadline, how to apply, and the benefits that every applicant will receive from the scholarship.

What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are non-refundable financial aid offered to students in order to help them further their academic pursuits. There are two types of scholarships fully funded and partially funded. Scholarships can be offered based on achievement, academic performance, and many other considerable factors depending on what the sponsors want as their requirements criteria, for being successful beneficiaries. Premier’s International Scholarships offers an award that is valued at  $8,000 – $12,000 scholarships for credential granting study abroad.

Eligibility for the Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT Application

  • If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, convention refugee, or protected person living in Canada;
  •  Must be a resident of British Columbia,
  • An eligible applicant must have been a primary resident of the province for at least 12 consecutive months 
  • And this has to be prior to the date of full-time enrollment for the scholarship applied for;
  • The applicants must have achieved a minimum 3.5 (B+) academic standing;
  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate links between the study- or work-abroad experience you are pursuing and your educational or career goals;
  • He /she must have been enrolled full-time in an academic program of at least one year at a BC public post-secondary institution leading to a credential and have been accepted into an eligible international course that is not within Canada or the United States;
  • The applicant will be studying abroad for a period of no less than three months (not including travel time);
  • The intended student must have plans to begin their international experience before May 1, 2024;
  • They must be planning an international experience in a country from which they have immigrated within the past 5 years;
  • The applicants must not have obtained a Premier’s International Scholarship;
  • You must be willing to return to British Columbia after completing your international experience for further education or work.
  • NOTES: One (you) can apply for both the One World and Premier’s International Scholarships, but one thing you must know is that the financial award or value of the two scholarships will not exceed the value of the Premier’s Scholarship. 

Requirements Needed And How You to Apply for  Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT

  • For the application, visit the online platform here.
  • Create an account, but if you already had an account, then log in, 
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript(s) needs to be uploaded
  • You have to fill out an online form
  • Applicants must have two (2) email addresses for each of his/her references, those that will speak to their abilities, accomplishments, activities, character, motivations, and/or success as a global citizen.
  • An automatic email will be sent to your referees through the online application system, with a link to fill out the reference forms on your behalf;
  • After completing all components of the online form, 
  • And all your references and transcript(s) are typed in 
  • Then click “Submit”.
  • If any supporting document is missing, then the submission process will not be successful.

Take Note:

You will answer some application questions as you begin the process, regarding your eligibility for a Scholarship. After the questions and answers, if you are found to be eligible, that is when you will be able to start filling out the application form. Everything you do will be saved continuously, and you may need to edit the application form until your submission is fully completed.

 Know that you will not be able to make corrections or edit, immediately after you submit your application package,  Contact the society at 1-844-478-4645, if you have issues completing your application successfully.

Application Deadline 

If you are eligible to apply for this Premier International scholarship, take note of the application deadline for the scholarship for 2023/2024. Premier International scholarship will close on Thursday 20th April 2023, at 4:30 p.m.

Selection Criteria

The selection of the Premier International Scholarship at BCIT Canada is based on the student’s academic standing in their secondary schools or their post-secondary school performances.

Steps on How to Apply

Step 1: make sure you review the eligibility criteria

Step 2: Determine your eligibility

Step 3: Prepare all your application

Step 4: Gather all your transcripts required of you

Step 5: Assemble all your documents and completed forms 

Step 6: Submit your application form, including all the supporting documentation

Contact and Address

If you want to contact us, you can use any of the contact addresses below:
Office open from Monday to Thursday, 

Time 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone Toll-Free: 1-844-478-4645

Text Message: 778-200-2502


Where to submit your Application

You can drop your application here:

BC Scholarship Society

#200-703 Broughton Street

Victoria, BC V8W 1E2


In this article, we have outlined all the necessary information you need for your application for the Premier Int’l Scholarship at BCIT Canada 2024. The requirements criteria, the documents, the application deadline step by step on how to apply, and everything is available for you. Please ensure that you provide all the expected documents and all the required criteria for the Premier International Scholarship at BCIT  Canada. Please also remember that there are many other scholarships and awards offered at BCIT.