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Today we’ll be reviewing a platform that seems quite different from the common ones we’re used to. Prolific has indeed presented another opportunity for active and research-minded individuals to earn by simply doing what they love doing the best. Say that it rewards you for contributing to several research works. Let’s check out what this platform entails. Read on!

What Is

Before now, this platform was known as “Prolific Academic” before it was recently changed to just “Prolific”. So, don’t get confused when you see “Prolific” and “Prolific Academic” because they mean the same thing. When I said Prolific was different in the way it operates, I meant it. The inspiration for the creation of this platform began when two Ph.D. graduates struggled to find research volunteers.

As a result, they set out to create their own platform that would streamline the process of recruiting and paying panel members for researchers throughout the world. Prolific is now a swarming platform where researchers may find and work with volunteers who are interested in providing feedback and assisting with research in exchange for financial rewards.

How To Earn On

On, you’re paid to complete surveys and take part in studies. Given its intended use of facilitating communication between academics and their audiences, the platform relies on researchers making available surveys for use.

Consequently, there will not be nearly as many surveys available as on other survey sites, albeit how often you are invited to participate will vary greatly depending on your country.

How To Withdraw On

Payouts to contributors are made via PayPal. Once you reach the £5/$7 threshold, you can request a payout. There is, however, a little fee involved with doing so. You can collect your rewards for a cheaper charge if you wait until you have earned £20/$28.

After receiving your fourth payout, you will be upgraded to instant cashouts, at which point funds will be transferred to your PayPal account at the time of the request.

It is important to note that the only days you can withdraw money on Prolific are Tuesdays and Fridays when you first sign up.

Once you have made four withdrawals, however, you will be eligible for quick PayPal payouts whenever you achieve the minimum payment criteria.

How Much Money Can You Make On

A little more cash is always welcome, and Prolific can be a great way to get just that. However, Prolific may not be the best choice if your only goal for taking surveys is to earn as much money as possible.

Due to its nature as a crowdsourcing hub, surveys are not offered very frequently. It is possible you will not even receive one every month. However, your citizenship and profile will play major roles in this.

Can You Use Prolific On Mobile Devices?

Having the option to fill out surveys on the go, without being tied to a desk, is a huge time-saver for busy people. Taking surveys quickly is especially helpful on Prolific because of the limited availability of some surveys. Also, mobile users will be pleased to know that Prolific is indeed compatible with their devices. However, there’s no app version for Prolific yet but in any case.

Who Can Join

Prolific surveys typically accept participants from roughly 33 different nations. If you are interested in joining, you might want to check if it is available in your country before it officially opens to the rest of the world.

Conclusion is a 100% legit platform to earn by engaging in several research works and taking reviews. The pay is moderately decent and the withdrawal option is secured. The only downside is that reviews aren’t always available.

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