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Requirements For Canadian Student Visa

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Requirements for Canadian student visa, is what many aspiring candidates who desire to migrate to Canada frequently search for. 

Everyone will definitely want to migrate to Canada, due to the quality education being offered in the country. 

Requirements for Canadian student visas aren’t as strict as you may think it is, if you compare the dos and don’ts with other European countries. 

In this article, I will give you the stepwise process, for you to immigrate to Canada, do read on. 

Requirements for Canadian student visa

Why Should You Study In Canada? 

Have you ever wondered the major reason why you need to migrate to Canada? 

Canada offers a lot of benefits, for those who want to study in the country, and they include. 

  • Affordable Education; When it comes to immigrating to Canada, one of the major things which you will get to love about the country is their affordable education. 
  • Conducive environment for learning: You will be staying in a conducive environment for learning, which as well gives you room to interact with a great mind.

All these are a few of the reasons why you should consider studying in Canada. 

Let’s briefly cast a look at the Requirements for Canadian student visa. 


To migrate to Canada, you will need to meet up with some protocols, once you have ensured this, you will be considered for the immigration process. 

Get An Acceptance Letter

This is the number one requirement for Canadian student visa, if you don’t have an acceptance letter, then you won’t be considered for the student visa.

Getting an acceptance letter requires you to seek schools in Canada, which you love. Once you have been able to find it, check the requirements and apply to such institutions once you have their requirements met.

Don’t make the mistake of applying to schools that you don’t meet with their requirements. 

Apply For Visa 

Once this has been ensured, the next thing you can do at this stage is to apply for a visa. It’s the visa that will authorise you to enter into Canada. 

Bear in mind that you will only be given a student visa, and the student visa doesn’t authorise you to work. 

Nevertheless, with your student visa you will be able to apply for part time jobs, which you can use to support yourself while you school in the country.

To support this, it should be noted that there are some categories of students that won’t be able to work in Canada while they are in school, such as health and engineering students. 

Show Proof Of Funds 

As part of the Requirements for Canadian student visa, if you don’t show proof of funds, you won’t be allowed to migrate to the country.

You need to show proof that you have the financial capacity, to sustain yourself throughout your stay in the country. 

If you don’t show this, or your financial net worth doesn’t meet up to $20,000, you won’t be granted the student visa, or allowed to study in Canada. 

It should be noted that the acceptance letter isn’t all that’s needed for you to migrate and study in Canada, you need to be granted the student visa as well. 

Submit The Necessary Documents 

As part of the requirements for Canadian student visa, you will be required to submit required documents which will be used to verify your identity and purpose of immigrating to Canada. Some of the documents include.

Your medical report may be obtained from the Canadian hospital in your home country, this is where you may be required to do all the necessary tests that may be needed, as you won’t be allowed to undergo a test in another hospital. 

You will as well be required to submit a police report, which must show you have not been involved in any criminal activity in the past. 


Canada is one of the countries which you should consider if you want a quality education for yourself. 

Nevertheless, many struggle with Requirements for Canadian student visa, which is what we have broken down in this post. 

Should you have some questions to ask, kindly ask in the comment box. 

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