Smashoid Review – Do they pay?

If you want to supplement your income, the internet can provide you with several opportunities, and this is one of those opportunities. Do you have a passion for writing and wish to monetize your talent? Smashoid offers you the opportunity to earn a good fortune by just writing random topics. Let’s quickly review all you need to know about Smashoid and how you can seize this opportunity. 

What’s Smashoid?

As previously mentioned, Smashoid provides you with articles on random topics. Smashoid pays you $5 per 100 words that you write. This is quite an amazing opportunity because the topics are quite relatable and don’t always necessitate extensive research. 

How To Earn On Smashoid 

Smashoid is one easy way to earn more online because, unlike other platforms, you don’t need to go extra or do more. All you have to do is write; compose detailed and comprehensive articles, and you’re paid. When you check the articles published on the site, you’ll notice they have a minimum of 500 words. So, it’s safe to say that you can write a minimum of 500, making $75 on the go! 


You can also earn on Smashoid by referrals. When you register on the platform, you’re entitled to your specific referral link with your username. Please send it to your family and friends who wish to register and earn instantly once they create an account with Smashoid. 

Requirements For Earning In Smashoid 

There are no strict requirements before you start earning on Smashoid. It will help if you have excellent English proficiency. However, except that, you do not need any prior experience either. They make that point quite obvious. You’ll find it in the “author requirements.”

Smashoid doesn’t require you to write lengthy words; all you have to do is write a minimum of 500 words on any topic you choose. Plus, your article must be 100% free (plagiarism-free) and be of your writing. Smashoid frowns on negative statements and implores you to write by Google’s policy. 

As a writer, these are standard rules you apply regardless of who you’re writing for, and they have the right to reject your article if it doesn’t meet the required criteria. 

How To Write On Smashoid 

Smashoid has opened its doors to as many niches as possible to accommodate topics and writers from different niches. When you Register on Smashoidyou see a lot of niches; with that, you can choose the niche of your choice or specialty and choose a topic for yourself as well. Smashoid stands out from these other websites because it gives you much more than you know. 


Smashoid is a legit platform that offers $5 per 100 words you write on a topic. They have a strict policy against plagiarized articles, negative statements, and non-conforming to Google’s policy. Lest your article will be rejected. Smashoid provides several niches to write on and gives you the freedom to choose a topic; this eliminates the fear of worrying. 

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