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Toloka Review: Legit Or Scam? – Find Out!

Earning online has been made quite much easier by get-paid-to sites like Toloka. If you’re looking for a platform that pays you for completing simple tasks and other activities, I would implore you to check out Toloka. Without further ado, let’s get right into what Toloka is all about, if it’s legit or not and how you can earn from this amazing platform

What Is Toloka?

Do not get confused about the name; before now Toloka was known as Yandex.Toloka but after its recent improvements and upgrades, it was rebranded as Toloka. Toloka is a get-paid-to platform that pays you for completing tasks.

How To Earn On Toloka?

Paid tasks are the major way you can earn money on this platform. A lot of the paid tasks they provide are different compared to what you would find on other GPT sites. In that, they differ depending on what the employer needs which typically is in line with the products and services that Yandex provides.


In some cases, you will just need to answer questions, while in others, you will have to capture images. Some people may ask you to compare images. For each task you do, you’ll be given certain instructions to follow. When you have finished the task, submit it and wait for feedback. After submission, Toloka reviews your task and checks if it conforms to its instructions. If you meet their requirements, your work gets approved and you’re paid instantly.


Just like other platforms, you can also earn by referrals. Toloka has several different referral bonus plans, and depending on which one you participate in, you might earn anywhere from 5 to 20% of what your referred friends would receive. With referrals on Toloka, you can only earn when the users your referred earns. So, it’s best to look out for active individuals so you can earn as they earn.

How Do You Get Paid On Toloka?

Toloka’s tasks and referral bonuses are all paid out in US dollars. Instead of using points like many other GPT companies, they make tracking your earnings simple. You can avoid doing any mental math to convert your points. This is quite simple, and easy. It eliminates all the trouble of point-to-money conversion.

How To Withdraw On Toloka?

Toloka has several options for withdrawal which is an advantage compared to other get-paid-to platforms. You have 4 options to withdraw your earnings on Toloka; PayPal, Papara, Payoneer, and Skrill.

How Much Money Can You Make On Toloka?

Since there are only two ways to make money on Toloka, your earnings potential is highly dependent on the level of pay and the availability of work. Most tasks pay between $0.10 and $1, with the majority paying slightly less. In my opinion, it is a reasonable rate, though it is not particularly high.


If you have a high approval rating, you will earn more money for your work. A higher skill level makes you eligible for more tasks. As a result, if you can keep these two numbers high, you will boost your potential earnings from this platform.

Who Can Register On Toloka?

Toloka is available for all users globally. No wonder it uses payment options that are available for all nationalities. You can register on Toloka provides you’re 18 and above.


Toloka is a 100% legit platform that pays you for simply completing tasks. These tasks vary depending on what the person wants and the availability of these tasks, depending on your rating on the platform. Toloka is simple to use and eliminates both the conversion and withdrawal issues users might run into on other sites. Although it is not quite encouraging, it’s worth trying. So, sign up today!

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